Reflective Dog Collar [Customized]

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Look great during the day and keep your dog safe at night

✔️ STAY SAFE IN THE DARK - Our Reflective Dog Collars are designed to provide extra security for your dog when you go out walking in low light conditions. So if you enjoy an early morning walk or you take your dog out after work, a reflective collar can help to make your dog more visible and increase their safety. So choose your color from the options above and help to keep your dog safe when you go out.

✔️ SAFE YET STYLISH - Safety is probably the main thing on your mind when you choose a reflective collar, but the style is also important. That’s why all of our collars are designed to be stylish as well as secure. We’ve got lots of colors to choose from, so you can choose one that contrasts perfectly with your dog’s coat color to ensure they look smart as well as stay safe.

Also, don’t forget about our customization options. Our Personalized Reflective Dog Collars display your dog’s name and telephone number right on the buckle to provide an extra level of security should they get lost. Being engraved into the buckle also means there is no need to attach annoying tags that could break off.

✔️ MAKE SURE YOUR DOG GETS SEEN - Our Reflective Dog Collars are the perfect option if you are worried about your dog’s visibility when out walking. So keep them safe by using one of these collars. And if you are worried about the visibility being affected by a buildup of dirt, don’t be—our collars are all machine washable so you can keep yours clean easily.


"So these waterproof, reflective collars are the best! Look great, glow in the dark and our pups are well identified."

Caroline Zees      

  1. Select Size and Color of the strap
  2. Fill the form with the information to be engraved
  3. If you prefer a blank tag, leave the form
  • Be safe and be seen at night with our reflective collars made with durable reflective material.
  • Heavy-duty strong nylon webbing.
  • All collars are adjustable.  The longer the collar the greater the adjustable range.
  • Choose your webbing color.
  • Our dog collars are machine washable.
  1. How do I measure the collar size of my dog?

Measure your dog's neck. We recommend using a soft measuring tape. If you don't have one- use a piece of string, and measure that. Remember - you'll want to get two fingers under the collar when it's on, so take that into account.

  1. What type of information can I provide?

You can write whatever you want on the Tags, normally we put the Pet’s Name, birthday, a phrase and your contact. 

  1. Is there a limit to the number of characters?

In order to have clear information engraved, we limit at 7 characters per line.


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