Dog Running Belt Leash [Hands-Free]

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✔️ GET FIT WITH YOUR BEST BUDDY – Put your sports outfit, take your running belt leash, call your doggo for a run and have fun!

✔️ NO MORE ROPES TROUBLE WHEN WALKING YOUR DOG – Hands-Free…  imagine walking your dog and still having your both hands free to do whatever you want, now that’s possible!

✔️ HAPPY DOG, HAPPY OWNER – Taking your best paw outside is the best thing in his day and that improves the love between you both!


“Before I tried to run with my Husky using his normal leash, but it was always a big mess… Now that I have this belt leash we go out for a run every morning and it’s the best way to start the day, for me and for him!!”

Paul Watson


    • Adjust the belt for your waist
    • Attach both bags to the belt
    • Remember to fulfill the bags with treats, potty bags and a bottle of water
    • Attach the leash to the belt and to your dog’s harness
    • GO HAVE FUN!



    • Adjustable belt 82-106cm
    • Elastic Leash 135cm
    • Reflective stripes
    • 2 detachable bags
    • Metal clasps


    • Does it fit for any breed?
      • Yes, the leash can be attached to any kind of harness, it doesn’t matter its size.
    • What are the attachable bags for?
      • The bags are perfect to fulfill with treats, a bottle of water, potty bags and what else you want to bring with you. Your dog will thank you for that after running.
    • Can I also hold the leash with my hands?
      • Yes, the leash has a grasp handle at the end where you can hold it with your hands, it’s perfect for walking before and after the running.

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