Chewing Knot [Bone Rope]

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Encourage playtime and bonding between you and your pet

✔️ REDUCES SEPARATION ANXIETY OF DOG WHEN YOU ARE AWAY FROM HIM/HER - Keep your dog busy and entertained while you are gone by introducing him to his new best friends. This awesome pair of soft, chewable dog toys help alleviate boredom, relieve separation anxiety and unruly behavior vent out on your home furnishings. Once your dog meets his new companions, he will feel safer and less lonely when you are away.

✔️ DOUBLE JOY IN PLAYING FETCH OR TUG-OF-WAR - The amusing toy serves as the perfect interactive toy to teach your dog how to fetch or spend precious bonding time playing tug-of-war. These tough, washable rope chew toys provide you and your dog with hours of exercise and fun. Strengthen your relationship and make training enjoyable by incorporating these exciting dog toys.

✔️ SATISFY THEIR URGE TO CHEWING - Chewing is instinctive for all dogs; it fulfills needs such as relieving anxiety and exercising their jaws. Puppies, in particular, like to chew when they are teething. Its the perfect toys to help prevent unwanted chewing. Instead of tearing apart your furniture or ruining a new pair of shoes, these heavy-duty rope chew toys keep your dog busy and satisfy his need to chew.

"That terrier-satisfied muzzle does not depart from it at all"

Gail Adamson      

  1. First, let your dog get used to chewing the knot for several uses
  2. Each dog is a bit different and has unique chewing behaviors. 
  3. Once your dog starts chewing, even for a short time, be sure to use clicker or praise, and give them a treat.
  4. Repeat daily, until this becomes a routine.
  • Durable rope toys are made with 100% cotton for chewing and playing.
  • Great for tug-of-war and tossing, this set is ideal for a single dog or multi-dog households.
  • Helps redirect bad behavior such as biting by providing your four-legged friend with a fun and healthy distraction.
  • Natural cotton fibers clean and massage your pup’s gums which fights plaque and can help prevent gum disease.
  • Made for small puppies to medium dogs, these toys can be washed for a clean plaything every time.


Strong rope toy for  Chewing and Playing - Perfect Toy for Tugging and Tossing and Chew Games and promotes Dental Health by the very nature of the toy


Washable 100% Natural Cotton helps Fight Plaque Build-Up and can Help With Preventing Gum Disease. 


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